jueves, 24 de julio de 2008

A change for the better!!

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New York City

Thanks to Google and Wikipedia

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Your comment is very important for me. Thanks google.

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The biggest in the world

They are beautiful places, Let's try to preserve them. Information of google.

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miércoles, 9 de julio de 2008



Mary: Hi Daniela. How are you?
Daniela: I feel bad. I have a terrible cold.
Mary: That´s too bad. You should go to get some cold tablets from the drugstore. Well I hear there are a new cold tablets realy good excellent for that.
Daniela: Are you have the name?
Mary: The name of cold tablets is tachipirin plus.
Daniela: Thanks you so much Mary.
Mary: It,s important you go to see the doctor.


Pharmacist: Hi, Can I help you?
Daniela: Yes, please. Could I have something for a cold
Pharmacist: Sure. I suggest a cold tablets of tachipirin plus. These cold tablets are new and excellent.
Daniela: Correct! May i have the cold tablets.
Pharmacist: Of course.
Daniela: Thank´s you.

martes, 8 de julio de 2008

Have Done

- Reach my studies of university.

- I have married.

- I visited Los Aleros (Merida Venezuela).

- I have two babys.

Haven´t Done

* I have not visited New York yet

* I have not eaten rabbit yet

* I have not studied engineer yet

* I have not jumped in benji